UNPRECEDENTED TEST: Tests 117 Different Self-Defense Rounds In Ballistic Gel With Amazing Results

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Have you ever wanted to compare a massive amount of self-defense ammunition against other brands? Have you had trouble finding an easy way of doing this? Enter and their massive collection of data on this very subject. If you want to jump right to the good stuff, click here to [...]
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Campus Carry In FL Moves Forward, Could Take Effect July 1st 2016

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Although the road is long, Florida came one step closer Tuesday to allowing campus carry across the state. The Florida Senate's Higher Education Committee voted 5-3 Tuesday in favor of Senate Bill 68, which would allow individuals with the proper concealed-carry licenses to carry guns on college [...]
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56% Of Americans Say If More People Carry Firearms, We’d All Be Safer

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By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns That’s the question Gallup put to 1,015 adults in a poll whose results were released yesterday. And the survey said! Fifty-six percent answered yes, 41 percent said no, three percent said “say what?” It’s something of a shame that the pollsters [...]
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Cody Deneault Has An Excuse For Why His Gun Went Off In A Movie Theater The Other Day: It Was An Accident. Whoops!

Cody Deneault is the man who had a negligent discharge in a Kansas movie theater just a few days ago, and now he has given his side of the story and an excuse for what happened. "I just had an accident. Accidents happen to everybody, even professionals." I have to disagree. Completely. I looked [...]
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DANGEROUS DOG: Man Shoots And Kills Dog During Attack, What Would You Have Done?

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In another recent dog attack to hit the news, a man with a concealed carry permit came to the rescue after witnessing the carnage Sunday evening. After exhausting all other options, the decision was jointly made between gun owner and both dog owners to use lethal force. [Capt. Todd] Freeman said [...]
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