[POLL] What Is The Most Popular Concealed Carry Firearm Manufacturer?

Threatening gesture - Revealing a handgun

Here Is Your Chance To Vote For Your Favorite Concealed Carry Firearm Manufacturer!

Over 20,000 of your votes counted when we held our poll for The Best Holster In The History Of Ever. Now it’s time to match up the winner of that poll, Alien Gear Holsters, with the most popular in the firearms category!

Here Is How This Will Work

This is a two-step process. We have decided to first narrow it down to manufacturer simply because there are so many options for different model firearms. The list would be enormous. So instead, we’re going to take the TOP 3 results from this poll and have an additional poll with a complete list of pistols that those 3 manufacturers produce. From that, we’ll have a solid idea of the top favorite pistols for concealed carry!

Using the poll below, select your absolute favorite concealed carry pistol manufacturer! If you don’t see your favorite manufacturer listed, please send us your entry to our email address: info@concealednation.org

Voting will end on September 3rd 2014.
You can only vote once, so make it count!

The list of firearm manufacturers was pulled from GunBroker.com’s list of top sellers in their handgun category.

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